How the Program Works

You, and the You Are Worth It program, have the potential to change your life.

As we know from experience, emotional and behavioural issues related to diet and lifestyle change are complex. This complexity requires different skills and knowledge, so at times I will be your teacher, at other times your psychotherapist and at other times your coach. However, at all times, my commitment to you is personal, extensive and ongoing. Together we will spend 16 weeks exploring and perfecting emotional regulation skills, weight-loss strategies, and lifestyle changes. When you have completed the sixteen-week program, you will have lost weight, enhanced your physical and emotional well being, and crafted the lifestyle you have always desired.

Here are the three phases of the You are Worth It program.

Once you have read the information about the You Are Worth It program, why not experience it! I offer you a 7- day sampler. This sampler covers all aspects of the program, and it allows us to chat and to get to know each other.

…my pledge to you

  • As a psychotherapist I will focus on developing a trusting and supportive relationship with you
  • As an educator I will present complex information in an informative and meaningful way
  • In order to offer you a concierge level of service, I limit the number of new clients
  • Through out the entire program, I will be there for you

…my pledge of confidentiality

I think shared experiences are useful, however, as a psychotherapist it is important for me to keep client information confidential. That is why you will not see any testimonials, before and after photos, general examples about clients or shared emails.

Are you ready to make a change in your life?

Take your first step to a new you. Sign up for the 7-day sampler.

Fear of commitment? Just drop me a message, and we can have a quick chat together. It could be the change of a lifetime!