Facts on Fasting

  • Fasting supports health and weight loss
  • Fasting is excellent for weight maintenance
  • Fasting strengthens the immune system
  • Fasting is you in complete control of your food

The Mediterranean Diet is an incredibly healthy diet. If you choose to include the fasting option available in this program you will have combined two exceedingly potent forces that can increase your health and longevity by reducing the risk of death from autoimmune and degenerative diseases and diabetes and fatty liver syndrome. Fasting is also very effective in weight loss and weight maintenance.

I will personally coach each person who is interested in adding forms of fasting to their program.

Please continue reading about the benefits of fasting:

  • Fasting can be used for to increase health to lose weight or to maintain weight. 
  • Individuals on a fast may lose 90% fat and 10% muscle–regular diets 75% fat loss and up to 25% muscle loss.
  • Fasting increases the rate of development of neuronal (brain) cells
  • If fasting becomes a lifestyle choice illness is reduced and longevity is extended.
  • Within about 16 hours of fasting your body will start to accelerate a process known as hydrophagy. This process increases the rate that cells clean up damaged parts of their cells and reabsorb them for energy and increased efficiency.

Fasting is the ultimate proof of your control over food.


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