Welcome to the YOU ARE WORTH IT! Mediterranean weight management program

This program was developed from my studies in psychotherapy at the University of Sheffield, and from my extensive follow up research in Positive Psychology focussing on Barbara Fredrickson’s, Broaden and Build Theory of Emotions. The result is the You Are Worth It program: a comprehensive program on weight management through emotional regulation.


A 16 week program that lasts a lifetime

This program is more than just a weight management program; it is a comprehensive program that focusses on self regulation, impulse control, emotional regulation and resiliency skills.

This potent combination of skills gives you the power to change your lifestyle. By mastering emotional regulation you will achieve permanent weight loss, improve fitness, take control of your life and create the life you deserve.

Try the 7-day sampler. This sampler allows you to experience all aspects of the program.  Share your needs and concerns, and I will help you reach your goals. This is your time.

Below are direct links to specific information and to the three phases of the program. For direct links to information please click the specific link. To get more information about each phase please click the blue “read more” buttons under each picture.

After that, if you have any questions please feel to contact me, or take the plunge and sign up for the 7-day sampler.



  • develop an exercise program suited to your needs
  • apply four key skills on emotional regulation
  • adapt the Mediterranean Diet for all your daily meals

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  • lose between 15-25 lbs
  • increase your health indicators
  • increase your skills for emotional regulation
  • maintain and extend your exercise routine

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  • maintain your goal weight
  • develop wellness and longevity skills
  • incorporate the You Are Worth It program into a new vibrant lifestyle

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