Phase 3 – Shaping Your Lifestyle (4 weeks)

The third phase of the program focuses on the latest scientific studies on weight maintenance as well as information on enhanced skills in emotional well-being and insights into recent studies on health and longevity. You can see that Phase 3 brings together a lot of the purple flowers by the seawork already begun in Phases 1 and 2.

During weight maintenance we will be in daily contact with each other. This can be a challenging time, as there are numerous forces at work trying to get you to return to your previous weight. The enhancement in emotional regulation will look at visualization, mindfulness, savouring and gratitude exercises. The last items to be developed in this third phase will deal with how diet and health impact longevity. The current research in this area is very exciting.

Phase 3 is all about maintaining your weight loss and in creating a healthy lifestyle. Although you should be congratulated for completing Phases 1 and 2, you still have some significant work to do in Phase 3 to ensure your personal success.

Phase 3 is supported by what you have learned in the previous two phases. As you have been using the Mediterranean diet for weight loss, it is not a major shift for you to continue to use the Mediterranean diet as your maintenance diet. As you no longer need to lose weight, you will even be able to increase the amount you eat. However, you must be vigilant in the first few weeks by monitoring you weight daily as your body will be working very hard to try to get you to eat and get you back to your former weight. At this point I will be contacting you daily to offer congratulations and support.

Phase 3 also explains, in some detail, the importance of using a fast as a means of weight maintenance. I suggest this because it is a simple and straightforward way to handle weight maintenance. But more importantly fasting is an incredibly healthy process for your body. There are numerous scientific papers that indicate significant health benefits of regular fasting. Personally, I think fasting is fabulous. Fasting works at three levels: it helps you maintain your weight loss, it also improves numerous health indicators, and it also demonstrates that you are in control of your food.

Finally, Phase 3 is also about creating a healthy lifestyle. You have already come a long way. You are now eating a healthy diet and you have lost weight. But you might want to consider creating some new friends, ones that already have a healthy lifestyle. Also, take a course on meditation or Tai Chi; look for concrete activities that increase your social, physical and emotional well-being. If you do not create a new healthy lifestyle, it is possible old habits and attitudes may return. I will work hard on your behalf so that this does not happen. If you feel this may be happening, please get in touch with me for a support chat.


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