Phase 1 – Emotional Regulation (4 weeks)

This first phase of the program focuses on the latest scientific studies on emotional regulation. In this phase of the course you will analyze your behaviour and become more aware of your thoughts and emotions through the use of journaling. Journaling allows you to uncover disempowering emotions that can stop you from reaching your desired goals. Phase 1 helps you become aware of yourself and your ability to direct your emotions in order to help you reach your goals. This sets the stage for you to begin your transformation. Also during Phase 1, you will discuss the form of exercise you would be comfortable developing and following. It does not have to be regimented or a particular fitness class it can simply be walking with a friend. You will also develop a tasty Mediterranean menu plan that will help you to lose weight but maintain energy and muscle mass. Phase 1 develops three key areas that address the needs of both your body and your mind.


Fitness and Exercise

Together we consider the multiple benefits of exercise and look at how exercise can support your overall goals during the program. We establish your baseline for fitness and develop an exercise regime from this starting point. It is important to start slowly and increase exercise over time. For example, an eventual goal might be walking for thirty minutes a day for 4 or 5 days a week. You may wish to take a few measurements including a before picture.


The Mediterranean Diet

I will be sending you information to help you become familiar with this diet’s many benefits. Together we will carefully go over this information to ensure your satisfaction and well being as you develop your Mediterranean diet. You might wish to browse through some books and recipes to become familiar with the food and the types of meals available to you. You will also receive a one month menu plan and a book about the Mediterranean diet well as well. You should also start exploring which form of the Mediterranean plan you wish to follow. Will it be the standard Mediterranean plan, the low carb plan, the gluten free plan, or the vegetarian Mediterranean eating plan? We can discuss your preferences?

Emotional Resilience and Regulation

We will also be looking at a workbook  I developed from one of my courses entitled “Transform Your Thoughts and Control Your Emotions through Applied Positive Psychology.” woman-cyclingThis course has been very useful in helping people to minimize disempowering thoughts and behaviour and to maximise empowering thoughts and behaviour. It will help you understand and change your relationship with food. I will be in contact with you personally to answer your questions and concerns and to support you as you develop these amazingly effective new skills. We will also study a book that I have written on self-regulation and impulse control. (This book comes in two forms: one is focused on calorie reduction and the other version includes short fasts.) Self-regulation is the ability to make and keep long term plans. This is a key indicator of personal success. Unfortunately self-regulation is nearly always under attack from impulsive behaviour, which focuses on the immediate need for gratification. In dieting there is an ongoing tension between these two forces. In my book I show you how to come to terms with these issues. I also deal with unconscious impulse behaviour which can be very challenging. We can then follow up on your readings with a personal chat and discuss the information and how you can master these new skills. One of the significant differences in this program is that I work closely with you in order to support you and to help you to succeed in your goals. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns or you just want to chat.


  • Phase 2 – Winning at Weight Loss
  • Phase 3 – Shaping Your Lifestyle
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