Resiliency Skills

  • Resiliency is the ability of an individual to overcome personal setbacks.
  • It is possible to increase a person’s ability to overcome setbacks by learning specific resiliency skills.
  • These skills increase a person’s emotional regulation, and are particularly important in weight management.

Why is it that some days we feel we can conquer the world, and on other days we just want to stay in bed and let the world go by? We can be ecstatic, or we can be depressed. Do we have control over our emotions? Sometimes we do. Do emotions control and at times overwhelm us? Sometimes they do.

In the You Are Worth It program, resiliency skills allow us to influence our mood and modify our behaviour. This happens all the time. When is our mind not generating thoughts? At the moment I am sitting at my computer working on this project. I glance at a picture of my children when they were young. This triggers a memory of my son and daughter and I, sitting together watching Lion King for the 500th time. I feel a surge of nostalgia for those innocent times. My eyes become a bit misty. I then think of them now working hard at university and how much I admire them. I hope they are doing well. I reach for my phone and text them, to wish them a wonderful week.

Notice what has happened. I saw a picture which triggered a thought and with it came an emotion, a sense of nostalgia and a physical manifestation of that emotion was to tear up. I then thought of them now and I feltOrange-tree-400 a sense of pride. The nostalgia and also the sense of pride then manifest an action or behaviour; I send them a text.

Emotions allow us to experience life to its fullest. But sometimes our emotions can hold us back. Emotions and thoughts can be disempowering. Fear and a sense of inadequacy can paralyse us. Depression can drain all our energy to the point we can only see and feel negative experiences. By using my course on resiliency training you can limit the downs and max the ups.

How often has a diet failed because of an emotional collapse?In the area of food regulation emotional regulation is critical  How often has a sense of guilt and failure been associated with food and dieting? How often do the same negative thoughts keep being played over with no solution? The resiliency skills taught in the You Are Worth It program are designed to limit these destructive patterns of behaviour and replace them with empowering thoughts, emotions and behaviour.


I was set free because my greatest fear had been realized…so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. J. K. Rowling