Lifestyle Change

Changing your diet, losing weight and knowing that you are in control of food are all significant goals. You will have cause to celebrate. You will have accomplished a great deal. However, the You Are Worth It program is more than a weight maintenance program, it is a lifestyle program.

You have the opportunity to create your unique lifestyle. Unfortunately, for many people, lifestyle is not about creating something desired. Lifestyle is simply an accumulation of time, experiences and chance. In many cases life is to be endured. This you do not want!

This program is about recreating your life. It can be about righting the wrongs, correcting the mistakes and forgiving the transgressions. If you believe you are worth it, and you believe You Are Worth It, then you need to own these next sixteen weeks. Explore and experience: discover what you want and what you don’t want from life.

During our 16 weeks together you can spend time learning skills that allow you to minimize disempowering thoughts, emotions and behaviours and to maximize empowering thoughts, emotions and behaviour. You will learn how to overcome doubt, and understand how to overwhelm fear. You can be in charge of your life. Only then can you truly help others.

In order to create your new lifestyle you must be able to develop hope, optimism and meaning. Think of these in the negative. What if you had no sense of hope for the future, no sense of optimism to move you forward and worst of all no meaning to your life? That is a very dark place. I know because I have been there.

Part of my motivation for developing this program is to support people who are seeking or in a process of change. The diet and exercise portion of this program is about physical change, but your relationship with food, your attitude toward exercise, what you think about yourself, how you see yourself, how you interact with the world–all your thoughts and ideas: relate to cognitive change. The  program can change your lifestyle by changing the way you think!