Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the course outside of the Vancouver BC area?

No problem. We can work together through Skype, Facetime, texting, emails and phone.

What if I decide the course is not for me?

After your purchase you have a 5 day grace period from purchase date for a full refund. Please review the Terms and Conditions before making a commitment.

What if I need time off?

Life happens. In the interest of you continuing or deciding to take a timeout and returning, a place will be reserved for you to return within twelve months. I will send you a reminder periodically to see how you are doing.

Can I purchase more time?

Yes that is possible. Please see the Cost page for details.

Can we choose our own diet?

Unfortunately that is not possible. The Mediterranean Diet is a very flexible, highly regarded diet recommended by the MAYO Clinic and is designed to be used in this program and incorporated into your new lifestyle. It is possible to modify it to a low calorie diet, a low carb diet, a vegetarian diet, a gluten free diet. The Mediterranean diet will become part of your lifestyle.

What kind of exercise program should I follow?

Each exercise program is unique to each individual, therefore, each exercise program will be developed jointly between the client and myself. It is very important that injuries do not occur. If you have not exercised for some time you can start on a very gradual exercise program.

Is there any way I can sample this program?

The 7-day sampler is designed to familiarise you with the program and to clarify any questions you may have.

How can you guarantee personal service?

The You Are Worth It program is designed and created for a select group of individuals. In order to give my clients the individual attention required to ensure success, I restrict intake to this program to ten new clients a month This limited number reflects my commitment to personal service.

How are payments to be made?

Payment for 7-day sampler is by credit card (using Paypal).

Payment for the complete program can be made by Interac or by credit card (using PayPal).

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

The fastest way to get a response is either by text or email. You can also use Facetime. If you wish to Skype we will need to book an appointment. Voice messages will be responded to within 24 hours. See all contact details.

Confidential Information?

Although I think shared experiences are useful, however, as a psychotherapist it is important for me to keep client information confidential. That is why you will not see any testimonials, before and after photos, general examples about clients or shared emails even if I am given permission by the client.

What am I getting for my money?

The cost for the full You Are Worth It is about $100 a week for 16 weeks. During this time we will be working together in order to create the life you desire. The benefits of this program will enhance well being for you and for those close to you. This cannot be accomplished in a few weeks. It cannot be accomplished through sending you an email each week with a few positive affirmations. Change requires intensive time and effort. During our sixteen weeks together we will be in touch frequently. We will be working on cognitive skills related to self-regulation, resiliency skills, weight management, fitness, wellness and longevity. This is a lifestyle change, and diet is only one component of this program. There is no limit to the number of times we interact. In fact this site is designed to encourage interaction, that is why I offer the Sampler so we can talk and find out where you want to go and how I can support your goals. This is a shared experience, and I am available to you 16 hours a day six days a week, Pacific time.