Andrew Grantham-Smith

Andrew Grantham-Smith

…Andrew Grantham-Smith

  • I am a positive psychotherapist
  • who focuses on emotional regulation and weight management
  • through lifestyle change

…What does all that mean?      

Positive Psychology: I use positive psychology as it is a form of psychology that is forward looking and solution based. It does not dwell on the past, but uses the clients’ resiliency and self-regulation strengths and insight to move them towards their goals.

Psychotherapist: As a psychotherapist, I interact with clients to help them initiate change in their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. My specific expertise is emotional regulation and weight management

Weight Management: Weight management is weight loss followed by weight maintenance.

Lifestyle Change: Lifestyle change is composed of two types of change. The first is changing your physical environment, for example changing your career. The second form of change is how you chose to interact act with your environment.

…key concepts in this unique weight-management lifestyle program

Increase Emotional Regulation/Decrease Disempowering Thoughts

  • This program addresses the fundamental question: Are you in control of food or is food in control of you?
  • This program increases your emotional regulation
  • Increased emotional regulation limits disempowering thoughts and enhances empowering thoughts
  • Enhanced empowering thoughts allow you to take control of your relationship with food
  • Increased emotional regulation enhances all aspects of your life.

Increase Health/Decrease Weight

  • The Mediterranean diet I use is recommended by the MAYO clinic and Harvard Health
  • This program is a complete lifestyle approach to eating, exercise and wellness
  • This is a science based program developed from my current research
  • I implement best practises in weight loss,  for example: teaching weight maintenance skills before weight loss
  • I also focus on weight loss/exercise to reduce or prevent metabolic syndrome
  • Fasting (optional) also offers numerous health benefits and and can be included in this lifestyle program
  • Following this program you will lose weight, lower your blood pressure, decrease your waist size, and control your blood sugar levels

This is not a regular diet site put together by a coach, nutritionist or personal trainer.

  • This site and the knowledge that helped shape this site has been developed over the last four years.
  • There are three things that influence this unique site:
  • First, I am a teacher (BEd) and a psychotherapist (MSc). Both these degrees are very useful in helping others create the changes they desire.
  • Secondly, I do continuous research on the latest scientific papers related to diet and health. The information presented on this site reflects current knowledge.
  • Thirdly, the level of service I offer to my clients is exceptional. There is no limit to the number of times we interact. In fact this site is designed to encourage discussion, that is why I offer the Sampler so we can initiate discussion and find out where you want to go and how I can support your goals. This is a shared experience, and I am available to you 12 hours a day six days a week.

 …my education

  • B.A. (Hon) Pol. Sci. Simon Fraser University
  • B.Ed. Social Sciences  University of British Columbia
  • M.Sc. Psychotherapy Studies   University of Sheffield UK